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New York City, 9 a.m., where are people going?

SafeGraph and makepath teamed up to show people movement patterns in 10 U.S. metro areas at different times of the day, through a Neighborhood Patterns dashboard.

Neighborhood Patterns data is a goldmine for companies embarking on site selection. 

SafeGraph collects and curates anonymized datasets for millions of consumers to help businesses understand how consumers interact with the places they visit. With point of interest and foot traffic data, public and private entities can glean insights to make informed decisions and closely follow consumer trends.


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Why You Should Care Where People are Going

Simon Property Group, the leading retail real estate company in the U.S., is grappling with large amounts of store closures in a short period of time. More than 11,000 retail locations in the U.S. have closed their doors indefinitely in the past months. 

A recent study by S&P Global Market Intelligence found that “a decline in foot traffic” is a big culprit. 

Selecting store locations in places with consistent foot traffic, during target times of the day, can directly address the issue of foot traffic decline.

Quick Stats

The Neighborhood Patterns dashboard includes the previous month’s foot traffic data for:

Neighborhood Patterns Dashboard Data Criteria

We at makepath partner with companies to help them answer important questions with their data. Using open source GIS tools, we come up with clever ways to visualize and make sense of large amounts of data.

To learn more about what we do, check out the Foot Traffic Comparisons dashboard, a head-to-head comparison that reveals which brands get more foot traffic in select cities, as well as our overview of the top open source spatial analysis tools for Python.

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