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We worked on a retail prototype that combines open source GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and AI/ML applications. 

The goal of this dashboard is to  capture key information regarding car and foot traffic from CCTV images in target locations.

Summary of traffic statistics, specific

Summary of Traffic Statistics at Selected Location


Prototype Description


The prototype is an example of how we work with companies to build internal products that lead to sound operational decisions.

The resulting data captured can inform insights from site selection and supply chain/logistics to critical infrastructure forecasting and development.

Through this dashboard, operators can answer questions such as:

  • How many cars are in my parking lots at any given time?
  • What brands and models of cars do my customers own?
  • What are regional and local trends in the data?
  • How does this data correlate to our internal sales data?

What questions would you like to answer?

Summary of traffic statistics

Summary of Traffic Statistics Across all Locations


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