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Seniors at Risk: Using Spatial Analysis to Identify Pharmacy Deserts

Seniors are especially vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. At makepath, we build and use open source spatial analysis tools such as Xarray-Spatial and Datashader. In this post, we show you how to use those tools to identify and quantify pharmacy deserts where seniors are at especially high risk. We will walk through our analysis to […]

Nationwide Parcel Data: From Cold, Metal Chains, to the Spatial Foundation of American Society, to your Database.

Note about the author of this guest post: Jerry Paffendorf is co-founder and CEO of Loveland Technologies, makers of landgrid.com. Landgrid and makepath partner together on special projects. β€œIn the mid-19th century, when the cold tongue of land that is the Michigan peninsula was first being sliced up for development, the surveyors began to discover […]

Introducing 🌍 Xarray-Spatial: Raster-Based Spatial Analysis in Python

At makepath, we are committed to the open source community. We are proud to announce the release of Xarray-Spatial, a spatial analysis Python library pioneered by one of our founders, Brendan Collins. TL;DR? Xarray-Spatial is: πŸ“ A Fast, Accurate Python library for Raster Operations ⚑️ Extensible with Numba ⏩ Scalable with Dask 🎊 Free of GDAL / GEOS Dependencies 🌍 Designed for […]