Supported Forests Page

We are excited to share a collaboration with one of our partners, SilviaTerra (now called NCX), a company that is leading the future of forest carbon. Their signature platform, Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX) is a data-driven marketplace for forest carbon credits.

The Collaboration 

makepath and SilviaTerra created the NCAPX Buyer Impact Dashboard, using open source GIS tools. 

Goals of NCAPX Buyer Impact Dashboard

The Value Proposition

Value Add of NCAPX Buyer Impact Dashboard

The Key Features

The NCAPX Buyer Impact Dashboard is made up of four main pages:

Supported Forest

This page features stunning visuals that show a buyer and their audience the cumulative sequestered carbon data from SilviaTerra (NCX) in the purchased areas, over the course of one year. It also showcases specific details related to each area, such as a month-to-month impact overview.

Supported Forests Page


This page helps buyers understand the real numbers behind their purchase and its overall impact. For instance, buyers can see the number of families/landowners benefitting from their purchase or compare the sequestered carbon emissions with passenger vehicle emissions offset.

Impact Page


This habitat page reinforces that animal well-being is an important aspect of the impact of carbon credit purchases. On this page, the NCAPX Buyer Impact Dashboard tells the story of animals that are benefitting from the purchase(s) made.

Habitat Page


The landowners page tells the story of families that have been positively impacted by a buyer’s carbon credit purchase. A map beneath the text shows the approximate position of the land, without going into specific details.

Landowners Page

The Client

SilviaTerra (NCX) equips landowners across the U.S. to participate in climate control efforts. Through the NCAPX, SilviaTerra (NCX) creates a transparent and trackable process for individuals and corporations to manage the scale (and follow the impact) of the carbon credits they purchase from landowners. 


At makepath, we are committed to helping companies make sense of their data and showcase their data through visualizations that lead to actionable insights and impact. We are pleased to continue to partner with SilviaTerra (NCX) as they lead the charge in “economic solutions to environmental problems”.

Have any questions about the NCAPX Buyer Impact Dashboard or makepath’s involvement in the project? Let us know in the comments section below or connect with us at