makepath helps you visualize your data,
streamline your operations,
and make better decisions.

Geographic Data | Visualizations | Machine Learning

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Data AnalysisWe provide state-of-the-art custom analytics to fit your data needs.
  • Data Discovery
  • Scaling Data Analysis
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)From GIS data infrastructure to scaling analysis up to the national level. We combine Open Source tools, best practices, and industry expertise to solve the hardest geospatial data problems.
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Custom Tooling
  • Remote Sensing Data Processing
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Data Visualization and Front End DesignCombining the art and science of data visualization. We keep you informed through every step of the design and implementation process.
  • Web Application Design
  • Custom Dashboards
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Custom Application DevelopmentFrom start to finish, we can assist your team in creating custom applications and tools. Our team offers everything from design to deployment.
  • Application Accelerator
  • Cloud Web Application Development
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Machine LearningAutomate your models to learn from the data, identify patterns, and make decisions. From process algorithms to large scale satellite image processing, let us be your partners in ML.
  • Machine Learning Foundations
  • Machine Learning Implementations
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Change Detection of Austin, Texas

Land cover changes fast.

Tracking historical changes is one thing, but what if you could predict where land cover will change in the future?

We did just that in our recent collaboration with Planet and Regrid.

Learn more.