This project was a collaboration with our partner company, SafeGraph, a data company seeking to understand the world and power innovation through open access to geospatial data. 

Chase vs Wells Fargo Dashboard
Chase vs Wells Fargo comparison in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

At makepath, we work to better understand the world through maps and spatial data science.

We recently worked on a project to reveal insights for businesses by tying foot traffic data to geographic locations.

We had some fun with it, showing head-to-head comparisons to reveal which brands are getting more foot traffic in each of 10 metro areas in the U.S.

SafeGraph collects and curates datasets for millions of consumers to help businesses understand how consumers interact with the places they visit.

With point-of-interest and foot traffic data, public and private entities can glean insights to make informed decisions and closely follow relevant consumer trends.

Safegraph + makepath partnership image

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How We Built This – Step by Step
We started off with raw geospatial data from millions of anonymous mobile devices, which we processed and analyzed using a variety of open source GIS tools.

dashboard data stats

Then we built an interactive dashboard to tell the story of foot traffic in areas across the U.S. called census block groups. 

A census block group (CBG) is the smallest geographical area or unit for which the U.S. Census Bureau collects sampling data. The data that powers this dashboard is based on in-person visits within the specified metropolitan areas over the course of the prior month.

Each CBG falls within a U.S. county. Clicking on the colored CBGs on the map provides additional information on the breakdown of head-to-head foot traffic in that particular area of the county.

foot traffic comparison in Los Angeles/Long Beach
Starbucks vs Panera Bread comparison in Los Angeles/Long Beach metro area (each colored polygon below represents a CBG)

Although it is fun and insightful to see where locals’ preferences and loyalties lie, this data holds power to do much more. 

Businesses looking to strategize initiatives for the upcoming year can utilize the millions of data points being collected and organized by SafeGraph every single day. The right data can help businesses come up with a well-thought-out game plan to reinforce foot traffic in thriving areas and gain more foot traffic in areas with potential for improvement.

makepath is proud to help organizations visualize and make sense of large amounts of data.

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