We help build Open Source tools
to better visualize our world.

We are humbled to participate in the Open Source community.
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Projects We Maintain

xarray spatial logo

Xarray-Spatial is used to implement common raster analysis functions using Numba and provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-extend codebase for raster analysis. It originated from the Datashader project and includes tools for surface, proximity, and zonal/focal analyses.

bokeh logo

Bokeh is an interactive visualization library built for modern web browsers. It offers a simplified way to create tools for displaying and sharing large datasets in the form of interactive plots, dashboards and applications.

mapshader logo

Mapshaper provides users with tools to make maps from existing files and supports multiple data formats. It is useful due to its ease of use, especially for tasks that are time-consuming.

makepath is a proud contributor to many open source spatial analysis projects. Through this piece, we want to honor and highlight the contributors that have made it possible for open source GIS to grow and flourish.

datashader logo

Datashader is a general-purpose rasterization pipeline used to handle large datasets and generate meaningful visualizations. It allows you to intelligently grid your data, which is especially useful if you want to convert from a vector type to a raster type.

census-parquet is a tool that helps simplify the processing and downloading large amounts of 2020 Census Redistricting data. The tool allows users to download a series of 20 different boundary levels and output them in parquet file format using just one command.

Projects We Love

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