open source machine learning tools

Machine Learning technology is advancing fast to enhance the way we analyze and understand our data. Some of the most powerful tools for machine learning are free and easily accessible through the open source community.

Here at makepath, we advocate for the open source community and actively work to integrate machine learning into open source GIS applications through our contributions to open source projects.

We’ve created a list of tools to highlight the latest and greatest in open source machine learning software.

This is an interactive piece. You can click on each entry to see more details. You can also search for entries using the search bar or filter using by clicking on the different language categories (Python, Java, Go or multi-language) listed right underneath the search bar.

Open Source Machine Learning Tools

How to Contribute to Machine Learning Projects

The steps for contributing to machine learning projects are the same as contributing to other open source projects.

Check out our guide to Getting Started with Open Source for step-by-step instructions on how to get involved and make your first open source contribution.

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Our goal is to create a comprehensive list of all the best open source machine learning tools.

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