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makepath Co-founder, Brendan Collins, joined Hugo Bowne-Anderson this month for Coiled’s Science Thursday Series.

Coiled Computing was founded by Matthew Rocklin, creator and core contributor for Dask, to help large organizations effectively scale Python with Dask. The team is led by open source community maintainers around the world and is focused on increasing awareness, access and understanding of scalable computing with Dask. They do this through Dask product offerings such as Coiled Cloud and Coiled Enterprise. Coiled also heavily supports and promotes the use and development of open source software. makepath has benefited from being downstream of Coiled due to the open source GIS projects Coiled supports.

Brendan’s talk focused on “Scaling up Geospatial Data Science with Distributed Computing”, to help Dask users, contributors and newcomers learn how to scale Geo applications. Brendan used the Xarray-Spatial library to showcase how Dask plugs into geospatial data analysis and worked through several examples.

Coiled Livestream Spotlight

You can watch a recording of the livestream below:


A big thank you to the Hugo and the Coiled team for having us. We are excited to continue to grow out relationship with Coiled!

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