Strategic collaborations propel innovation and success forward. makepath is partnering with KUNGFU.AI, to showcase the power of beautiful data visualizations. The end goal is to help data-rich companies solve emerging problems and unearth strategic opportunities hidden within their data.

We are creating a prototype that combines open source GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and artificial intelligence plus machine learning. 

The prototype will support companies in their efforts to make decisions related to unexplored opportunities, forecast shortages, reallocate resources, etc. 

Prototype Description

We will leverage KUNGFU.AI’s specialty in machine learning and artificial intelligence, specifically the capturing of key information on car and foot traffic from CCTV images. 

Summary of traffic statistics

Summary of Traffic Statistics Across all Locations


Summary of traffic statistics, specific

Summary of Traffic Statistics at Selected Location

KUNGFU.AI is an AI services provider and specializes in helping companies harness the possibilities in their data. makepath helps companies visualize what is hiding in their data. This partnership will create opportunities for companies to use their data in ways that allow them to glean important insights quickly and gain the buy-in needed through visually engaging representations that back strategic decisions.

Stay tuned! If you have any questions about this collaboration, let us know in the comments section below or let’s chat at