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We are highly anticipating the upcoming Dask Distributed Summit. Without Dask and all the advances that Matthew Rocklin and his team are making with advanced parallel computing, the work we do at makepath would not be possible. 

makepath is proud to sponsor the Dask Distributed Summit 2021, a virtual event put on by the Dask team which will take place from May 19-21. We join companies including NVIDIA, Anaconda and Coiled.

Dask Summit Sponsors

Dask is a parallel computing library for the Python language.  It has become a popular tool for scaling python analytics and it integrates well with the current scientific Python ecosystem. It speeds up data science and machine learning workflows and is a vital integration for makepath’s signature open source GIS library, Xarray-Spatial

To learn more about Dask, visit dask.org.

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The summit provides a unique opportunity for Dask newcomers, users and experts to get together to learn and share knowledge and ideas. The end goal is to facilitate a strong understanding of Dask, how best to use it to scale Python analytics and showcase its use across multiple domains.

There is also a focus on increasing and sustaining a strong sense of community and collaboration amongst Dask users. Through the tutorials, talks and exchange of ideas, the Dask community will be positioned to solve important problems and propel innovation in the Python community. 

If you would like to register for the summit, check out the details below.

Dask Summit 2021