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makepath attended the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas. The focus of the conference was Critical Connections

The NSGIC Annual Conference brings together leaders from the public and private sectors and highlights up-and-coming trends in the geospatial industry. Attendees also learn about specific geospatial initiatives at the regional, state and national levels, and within companies in the private sector. 

The dominant themes we observed at this year’s conference were: 

  • Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning for geospatial applications
  • Higher resolution imagery via drones and satellites 
  • Furthering Next Generation 9-1-1 capabilities

Insights From Attendees

We had the chance to connect with some industry leaders to get their key takeaways from the conference. 

“Building on a deep foundation of long-standing partnership with government and industry leaders, I am really excited about the new ways NSGIC is making an impact. This year we saw growth in engagement with major consumer mapping and way-finding platforms. Our citizens will now experience the work of government spatial data programs through their cell phones.” 
Frank Winters, former President, NSGIC
“Geospatial is now at the center of so many important issues. The conversation is no longer just about creating great statewide and national data, but how that data can be leveraged to tackle big problems like the pandemic, NextGen 911, or broadband”.
Ben Shelton, Project Manager, North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
Nextgen911 remains a huge portion of this group’s efforts (because there is ample funding there for public safety).
Vendors, especially imagery providers, are angling in on automation offerings (such as auto planimetrics from aerial imagery, etc.).”
Attendee, Private Sector
“I don’t think I heard one presentation or discussion that did not include the concept and necessary element of partnerships.  That stuck out to me and I took a note on my last day of the conference in my book: We are people first, and as we come together and learn together we can then become partners.”
Megan R.L. Compton, Geographic Information Officer, State of Indiana

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What trends and applications have you seen become increasingly important this year within the geospatial industry? 

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